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Friday, 22 July 2011

How to offer email subscription of a blog when right click and copy paste is disable

राईट क्लिक व कॉपी पेस्ट बंद केलेले असताना इमेल सबस्क्रिप्शनचा पर्याय कसा द्यावा - मराठीत वाचा.

In previous article, we read how to a reader and a blogger can use a facility of email subscription. However, blogs, which has anti copy paste or right click disable code activated, will not allow a reader to write his email address for subscription. In this case, a reader can use a simple trick:

If a reader cannot write his email address in that empty box, then he just have click on the submit button which is right below the empty box.

See the Subscribe button below

Delivered by FeedBurner

A new window will allow a reader to give his email address. The rest of the process for subscription is same as previous article.

However, not all readers are aware of this trick, so it is blogger's responsibility to offer an easy option to the readers for subscription. Go to feedburner, click on your desired blog name. On the menu bar, there are options like Analyze Optimize Publicize. The option Publicize gives one big html code, which allows a blogger to show that empty box for email subscription on his blog. Right below this code there is a small code like this:

<a href="">Subscribe to YourblogTitle by Email</a>

The code highlighted with green color in below image shows the exact place in Publicize option:

This code gives a direct link for email subscription. If a reader clicks on this link, a new window will open.

This is the same window which opens after clicking on submit button. A new window allows a reader to write his email address in the empty box and submit. The rest of the process for subscription is same as previous article.

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