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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Why Blogger?

Why Blogger? - मराठीत वाचा.

Blogger is free online platform provided by Google to create a blog. Wordpress is an equivalent to blogger or may be technically superior free online platform to create a blog. However, everyone who wishes blogging cannot understand all the technical things and this technical illiteracy may affect on our blogging. So, I recommend easy and user-friendly blogger for new bloggers.

The best part of creating blog in Blogger is you can add third party widgets to design your template. That is why established and even technically literate bloggers recommend Blogger.

The main advantage of blogger is you can place advertises here. If your blog is famous and traffic is satisfactory then you can approach online advertising companies to advertise on your blog and this way blogger can become your subsidiary income source. May be that is the reason all professional bloggers also recommend blogger for blogging.

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