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Thursday, 3 June 2010

How to write a post?

How to write a post? - मराठीत वाचा.

We read that a very first post can be published at the moment we create a blog. Now, after you sign out from the blogger and when you want to write a new post, you need sign in again and click onNew Post on your Dashboard.

You can write your post title in an empty box highlighted with purple colour (see the picture below). Your text should be in green rectangle box and labels should be in red rectangle box. Labels should be related with your post. For example, if you post a recipe of how to make pizza, then your labels should be Capsicum, Tomato, and Italian Food etc etc.

After writing the text, you can click on Publish Post and immediately publish your article. If you want to publish your article in future then you can click on SAVE NOW button and save your post for future publishing.

** This is an information for writing your first post. Other information is given in series on Important Options To Write a Post

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