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Thursday, 3 June 2010

How to create a blog in Blogger?

How to creat a blog in Blogger? - मराठीत वाचा.

First you need a gmail id to create a blog in blogger. You can create one on Click on Create an account and the website will guide you further.

Once a gmail id is created, we automatically get a facility to create a blog with blogger. Go to and sign in with your gmail id.

After log in you will see a window which asks you to Sign Up for Blogger (see the picture below).

You can write you blog name where Blog is written in red rectangle and then you can Continue by clicking for I accept the Terms of Service. If your blog name is not taken earlier then you get an access to move ahead. If your blog name is not unique then alternative window will open.

In this window, you need to create your blog link first (see yellow rectangle in above picture), then click on Check Availability. If the name is available then you get a message like ‘This blog address is available’. Now give a title to your blog (see red rectangle in above picture). Then do word verification. You need to type exactly same words given in irregular form into an empty box below. Then click on CONTINUE.

Now you need to choose a template for you blog. These are basic templates provided by blogger. There are many free templates available online. So if you are planning to change your template in future, then choose Minima or Rounders template to avoid incontinence of changing template.

Now when you click on CONTINUE, a new window will open to Start Blogging. Here you can write your posts.

When you post your first article here by clicking on Publish Post, your blog is ready and published.

** If you are a new blogger, always create one trial blog so changes you want to make in your main blog can be checked on trial blog first.

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